the sun is like a boat, how time flies, suddenly came to the new year, reviewing the work of this year, i in the bureau of the party group, under the leadership of comrade in the global support and cooperation, in accordance with the working train of thought of organizations at all levels, objectives, tasks, the foothold official duty, work hard, hard up, work actively, the successful completion of the what you in charge of the work task. the following is my reporting on activities report:

dear every leader, comrades: hello!

  the sun is like a boat, how time flies, suddenly came to the new year, reviewing the work of this year, i in the bureau of the party group, under the leadership of comrade in the global support and cooperation, in accordance with the working train of thought of organizations at all levels, objectives, tasks, the foothold official duty, work hard, hard up, work actively, the successful completion of the what you in charge of the work task. year comes, i am in charge of the registration of individual, enterprise supervision and management to the leaders and the comrades as the following:

  a, enhance quality, improve self-cultivation, improve themselves

  in order to meet the needs of industrial and commercial work under the new situation, for one year, the study on the important position all the time, trying to improve their comprehensive quality. in terms of political study, by studying deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" the important thoughts, especially learning "16 big spirits, further strengthens the party spirit, improve their political insight, firmly set up the aim of serving the people wholeheartedly and correct world outlook, the outlook on life and values; in terms of business study, busy work, can make time self-study, systematic study of the socialist market economy, leadership science, series of laws and regulations and environmental protection, network culture, safety in production, such as in charge of the department of business knowledge, learn to dry, dry middle school, constantly update the knowledge structure, broaden the knowledge level, to improve the theoretical level, to enhance their leadership ability. at the same time, the time to the industrial and understand the layout and the problems existing in the actual work, find a solution, which laid a foundation for the later work smoothly.

  second, the foothold official duty, hard work, completes the protagonist

  in the leadership, a leading role, deputy to sing in a supporting role. but in work, in charge of the deputy to foothold official duty, fulfill their duties, do a good job in charge of the leading role, it can sing good global work, the whole thing. over the past year, i, under the leadership of the commissioner of the bureau of the party group and the strong support and cooperate with the comrades, work diligently, g hard to forge ahead, blaze new trails, give full play to the advantages of decision-making, command, coordination and ability, the comrades lead the department in charge of a complete and comprehensive finished all the work task. first, vigorously promotes the ideological and political work. for enterprise registration, supervision and administration of comrade, strictly implement the relevant provisions of the superior and honest law enforcement, collect all kinds of fees in accordance with the regulations. at the same time, actively participate in the county bureau of creating top civilized unit activities, response the group call, donated tuition and school things funding city wall street agency horn bay community helping classmates go to school, by deepening the creation of "youth civilization", to enhance the service consciousness and sense of responsibility of the comrades, to promote the unity between comrades, condensed the hearts, stimulated the enthusiasm which strove to be the first. comrades to complete the county bureau of enterprise credit data entry work, on the premise of guarantee to normal work order, used to work, noon and night (6) rest days and weeks, input over xx years since january 1, all kinds of enterprise's establishment, alteration, cancellation, revocation of registration information, 3660 households. to ensure the smooth completion of the county bureau of credit entry work, obtained the city bureau of credit for sure.

  secondly, vigorously promotes the service quality. this year, i in metro enterprise registration examiners, approve of the exam as an opportunity to organize a global 58 comrades to participate in the exam, take a combination of concentrated training and off-job self-study, system has studied the company law, the provisional regulations on the registration administration of enterprise legal person, the partnership enterprise law, the sole proprietorship enterprise law, the provisional regulations of urban and rural individual businesses and the administrative permit law, as well as the city bureau of * city enterprise registration work ethic, "* city is individual and industrial and commercial door registration work specification", the enterprise name approval * city rules and other laws and regulations, so that our registration staff more comprehensive knowledge of business registration, registration work system, enhancing the consciousness of rule of law. also smoothly passed the city bureau of qualification examination, there are 17 reference of 58 comrade qualification enterprise registration approval, there are 41 enterprises registered inspector qualification. according to the actual situation of our enterprise registration, in xx comrade appointment on august 1, 2 for approval, for the inspector appointed nine comrades. over the past year, the new enterprise registration 229 households; new deal with individual industrial and commercial households 763 households.







  在领导班子中,一把手唱主角,副职唱配角。但在分管的工作上,副职更要立足本职,恪尽职守,做好分管工作的主角,这才能唱好全局工作的整台戏。一年来,我在局党组和局长的领导下,在同志们的大力支持和配合下,真抓实干、克难奋进、开拓创新,充分发挥决策、指挥、协调的优势和能力,带领分管科室的同志们圆满、全面地完成了各项工作任务。 一是狠抓思想政治工作。要求企业登记、监督管理工作的同志严格执行上级有关规定,廉洁执法,按规定收取各种规费。同时,积极参加县局创建百佳文明单位活动,响应团县委的号召,捐学费和学习用具资助璧城街道办事处牛角湾社区的柯丽同学就学,通过深化“青年文明号”的创建工作,增强了同志们的服务意识和责任心,促进了同志之间的团结,凝聚了人心,激发了争先创优的工作热情。同志们为完成县局的企业信用数据录入工作,在保证正常上下班工作秩序的前提下,利用上班、中午、晚上和星期(六)天休息时间,录入完了xx年1月1日以来各类企业的设立、变更、注销、吊销登记信息,计3660户。从而保证了县局信用录入工作的顺利完成,得到了市局信用办的肯定。





勤俭节约是中国人的一种传统美德,是中华民族的优良传统。小到一个人、一个家庭,大到一个国家、整个人类,要想生存,要想发展,都离不开勤俭节约。下面给大家分享一些关于勤俭节约实践活动心得体会,方便大学习。 勤俭节约实践活动心得体会1 对于现在的孩子


伴随信息技术革命的浪潮,互联网正有力推动着人类社会的发展,深刻改变着我们的生活方式。同时,网络安全问题也相伴而生。下面给大家分享一些关于国家网络安全宣传周活动心得体会,方便大学习。 国家网络安全宣传周活动心得体会1 今年在武汉顺利举行网络安全


经过本次活动,全校师生对网络安全教育有了新的认识。对网络安全教育工作重视程度提高了,参与热情提高了,对网络的安全使用有了更深层次更全面的了解。下面给大家分享一些关于国家网络安全宣传周活动心得体会,方便大学习。 国家网络安全宣传周活动心得体会


孩子是祖国的未来,幼儿园教育的质量关系到儿童未来的终身幸福与发展,同时也与国民素质整体提升直接相关。下面给大家分享一些关于幼师研修培训心得,方便大家学习。 幼师研修培训心得1 炎炎酷暑,为期十天的培训即将落下帷幕。通过这次的技能培训,我收获颇


厉行勤俭节约,反对铺张浪费,这是中华民族的传统美德,也是富国强民的必由之路。勤俭节约,它是当今中国现实国情的必然选择!下面给大家分享一些关于勤俭节约主题班会心得体会,方便大学习。 勤俭节约主题班会心得体会1 记得学前班的时候,学过《论语》中就


好教师首先必须有敬业精神,要毕生忠诚党的教育事业。要做到这一点,就应充分认识教师工作的意义,从而深深地热爱教育事业。下面给大家分享一些关于幼师研修培训心得,方便大家学习。 幼师研修培训心得1 时间飞逝,转眼幼儿园新教师培训即将结束。作为一名刚


富兰克林说:“勤俭使事情容易,懒惰使事情困难。”想要成功,勤俭便是第一要务,古今中外的成功之士,如孔子、比尔盖兹等,哪一个不是为人勤俭的?力行勤俭二字,向成功迈进吧!下面给大家分享一些关于勤俭节约主题班会心得体会,方便大学习。 勤俭节约主题班会